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We have a right to reclaim, remain in and rebuild the communities we call home! We refuse to be displaced!

oakland-hfaHomes For All is a national campaign with the goal of broadening the conversation of the housing crisis beyond foreclosure and putting forth a comprehensive housing agenda that also speaks to issues affecting public housing residents, homeless families, and the growing number of renters in American cities. Homes For All aims to protect, defend, and expand housing that is truly affordable and dignified for low-income and very low-income communities by engaging those most directly impacted by this crisis through local and national organizing, winning strong local policies that protect renters and homeowners, and shifting the national debate on housing. RTC is working collaboratively across sectors to develop national housing policy that ensures that our communities and future generations have homes that are truly affordable, stable, and dignified.

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Renter Rights Committee:

This committee is comprised of 12 community organizations that are each seeking to organize around and pass a renters’ rights ordinance or a Renters’ Bill of Rights (see our Rise of the Renter Nation report for details of the bill of rights)

Renter Nation Assemblies:

In 2015, we will host and support over Renter Nation assemblies in 25+ cities across the country. Their purpose is to bring together impacted residents and allied organizations to galvanize support around campaigns to stop displacement and for fair rents and conditions.You can learn more and sign up to host one here:http://bit.ly/1yixkps

The assemblies will:

* Provide a process to participate in developing a Renter Nation Platform of Our Principles and Solutions

* Provide spaces and trainings on sharing best practices and victories

* Collaborate on joint fundraising for your assembly and ongoing campaign work

* Provide popular education materials based on “Rise of the Renter Nation: Solutions to the Housing Affordability Crisis”

* Provide trainings on models of tenant organizing

* Support delegates from your city/region to represent at the 2016 national renter nation convening

* Provide support in planning your assembly and coordination with other cities/regions

Our Homes, Our Land Committee:

This committee is comprised of 10 community organizations that are each seeking to create and sustain a community land trust, as well as pass local/regional policies to resource CLTs The committee has formed partnerships with Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, National CLT Network and Burlington Associates and jointly organized 3 webinar trainings on CLT’s.

Rental Speculation:

Right to the City has conducted groundbreaking primary research with Homes for All member partners SAJE and Occupy Our Homes Atlanta in order to uplift a new trend in private equity firms buying up hundreds of thousands of single family homes and renting them. To review our report, please go here.

Now Watt! Holding the FHFA and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Accountable:

Right to the City and our partners including the Home Defenders League, Occupy Our Homes and Centro Autonomo, have been holding the FHFA accountable and fighting for policies to protect homeowners like principal reduction and working to fund the national housing trust fund, to expand truly affordable housing for extremely low income families.

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