#RP2018 Blogpost Day 3: Collective Wisdom of Historical Resistance

Day 3:  Collective Wisdom of Historical Resistance Photo by Mike Dennis© By Roberto de la Riva Inqulinxs Unidxs por Justicia (United Renters for Justice) Magic. Day three of the Homes for All National Assembly was Magic! Some 105 organizations shared their collective wisdom of resistance. Building, and learning from one another.  It was inspiring to […]

#RP2018 Blogpost Day 2: “Dreams can become reality with the power of organizing”

Day 2: “Dreams can become reality with the power of organizing” By Carmina Calderon East L.A. Community Corporation (ELACC) You could feel the excitement in the room as Darnell and Trenise opened the morning’s grounding exercise for our first full day of the assembly. “Halleluuuuuu..Halleluu!” It was gospel, revival, spirit and energy rising and stirring […]

#RP2018 Blogpost Day 1 “Having People Together in Unity is 90 Percent of the Battle

Day 1: “Having people together in unity is 90 percent of the battle” By Momii Palapaz Causa Justa I have a lot of emotions from this first day. The large cross section of folks, the connection to Homes for All with other movements and intersections. For instance the climate justice movement and climate change and […]

#RenterPower2018 Day 4: When We Fight, We Win

#RenterPower2018 Day 4: When We Fight, We Win By Jewel Z. Rodgers VITAL, Lincoln, Nebraska Jewel Z. Rodgers of VITAL, Lincoln Nebraska. Photo by Mike Dennis© I grew up on the backs of black liberal literature and a neighborhood swallowed in 40 years of consecutive poverty that all of a sudden had been allowed to […]

RN2017 Episode 4: Organizing Tenant Unions to Win Homes For All!

Presenters: Inquilinxs Unidxs for Justicia, City Life / Vida Urbana, Tenants Union of Washington State Description: Whether you’re paying too much on rent, facing unjust evictions or being forced to live in poor conditions, organizing a tenants union build power and solidarity to fight for quality, affordable and accessible homes. This training features Tenant Union […]