Stop the Deportation of the Southern 32!!!

Support members of the Congress of Day Laborers defend their civil and labor rights. “The main reason people don’t stand up for themselves and defend their own rights,” says Josue Diaz, “is because they’re afraid of being deported.” Josue should know. He was arrested and put in deportation proceedings – all for having the courage […]

Bank vs. America Video

How we knocked BoA out. {youtube}AuYkrT0u2hU{/youtube} Cast & Crew: Ms. 99: Lenina Nadal/Right to the City; Brian Big Banks: Randy Jackson, The UNITY Alliance; MC: Rishi Awatramani/ Virginia New Majority; Director, Doyle Canning/smartMeme for The Unity Alliance, Producer, Danielle Connor/smartMeme, Video shot

What Bank of America Taught Me About America By Antonio Ennis

(published originally in the Huffington Post) I’ve learned a lot in my 45 years. I’ve learned from hustling in the streets of Boston, from more than two decades in the rap game, from being a landlord, a retail store owner, and the father of six daughters. But the some most important things I know, I […]

Hands off Our Homes Urban Congress on Foreclosure Organizing

Right to the City Alliance is sponsoring a one-day URBAN congress to help expand foreclosure organizing to new cities/communities, strengthen it where it exists and deepen partnerships between community groups, labor and the OCCUPY movement. The panels and workshops will address the following: Basebuilding–creating a mass based membership organizations led by residents directly affected by […]

Right to the City Takes Back Boston on Tax Day 2012

On Tuesday April 17th RTC came out 1,500 people strong in Boston’s Financial District to demand major corporations and the wealthiest 1% pay their fair share and fund our communities. The protests are part of a growing, nationwide movement called the 99% Power  against big corporations, the rich and politicians who have created an economic […]

Occupy Protest in SF, March to Wells Fargo

View more videos at: Occupy protest in San Francisco’s financial district Tuesday. By Christie Smith and Lisa Fernandez, NBC Occupy supporters began marching at 11 a.m. in San Francisco Tuesday, heading toward Wells Fargo, where they planned to confront executives at the company’s annual shareholder meeting…

Rebel City: Interview with David Harvey

David Harvey, leading social theorist, Distinguished Professor of anthropology at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York and author of Rebel Cities: From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution, discusses how cities are at the center of both capital and class struggles–and asks how cities might be reorganized to be more just.