VICTORY! Boston: Omorodion family comes to agreement with City Realty

City Life/Vida Urbana statement on the result of the jury trial of City Realty vs. Lucky Omorodion, 11/19/14 It is with great pride in our membership and with deep gratitude toward our legal services partners that City Life/Vida Urbana announces that after nearly 2 years in housing court fighting eviction – and after 2 days […]

VICTORY! Jeff Solivan Stays in His Home!

Solivan Stays in His Home STATEMENT FROM HOMES FOR ALL PARTNER SPRINGFIELD NO ONE LEAVES BELOW Declaration Celebrating Jeffery Solivan’s Victory vs. FNMA November 17, 2014 Springfield No One Leaves is writing to announce that our brother Jeffery Solivan has reached an agreement that will prevent an eviction from taking place tomorrow at his home. […]

Bay Area: Causa Justa Passes Tenant Protection Ordinance

Tuesday, October 21st, Causa Justa members won the Tenant Protection Ordinance in Oakland, which will provide a model for fighting tenant harassment by landlords to the Homes for All campaign. The Ordinance was passed by a majority of the City Council, after months of tireless meetings, lobbying, petitions, actions and pressure from the community. The law will […]

BAY AREA: Causa Justa Making Huge Moves to End Gentrification in the Bay

Bay Area residents demand a city free from the threat of displacement and one that encourages love, diversity, and truly affordable, stable, beautiful homes. The Bay Area is one of the most expensive regions in the country, with notable skyrocketing rents,  and, it  also currently has one of the most formidable movements against gentrification and […]

San Francisco: Condo Conversion Measure Victory

Late last year Restrictions on Residential demolition, merger or conversion was approved which will make it harder for a landlord or a speculator to merge or demolish units (which converts multi-unit properties into single families homes which removes their rent control status) by aligning the planning commission requirements for permitting with San Francisco’s stated priority […]

Mel Watt is Confirmed as New Director of the Federal Housing and Finance Agency

Right to the City and our partners in New Bottom Line, led a campaign to effectively replace Acting Director Ed DeMarco with Mel Watt as the new Director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency:  On January 26, 2014 Rep. Mel Watt, a longtime Democrat from North Carolina, and advocate against predatory lending, became the new […]