#RenterPower2018 Day 4: When We Fight, We Win

#RenterPower2018 Day 4: When We Fight, We Win By Jewel Z. Rodgers VITAL, Lincoln, Nebraska Jewel Z. Rodgers of VITAL, Lincoln Nebraska. Photo by Mike Dennis© I grew up on the backs of black liberal literature and a neighborhood swallowed in 40 years of consecutive poverty that all of a sudden had been allowed to […]

A New Housing-Rights Movement Has the Real-Estate Industry Running Scared [The Nation

https://www.thenation.com/article/a-new-housing-rights-movement-has-the-real-estate-industry-running-scared/ A New Housing-Rights Movement Has the Real-Estate Industry Running Scared In cities across the country, tenants are demanding robust regulations to keep rents affordable and stop unjust evictions. By Jimmy Tobias Socrates Guzman tends to get tearful when he talks about his housing troubles. For 11 years, he says, he lived in a small […]

Southern Renters Rising – #HFASouth Is Born!

Southern Renters Rising – #HFASouth Is Born! By Malcolm Torrejón Chu On October 17 and 18,  23 residents, activists and organizers from across the South gathering in Atlanta for the first Homes For All Southern Land & Housing Leadership Assembly.  Members of the Housing Justice League in Atlanta, Cooperation Jackson (Mississippi), Miami Workers Center (Florida), […]

NPQ Quarterly: “Renter Nation” Shapes Eviction Reform

By  Spencer Wells By The All-Nite Images from NY, NY, USA (A Day In New York 14th May 2015: Rally to Save NYC) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons October 2, 2017; Marketplace PRI’s Marketplace featured a report on one way that New York City is seeking to empower tenants. The article, “New York is […]

Press Coverage 9/11/17-10-6/17 Renter Week of Action and Assemblies

Date Outlet City Title Link 9/11/2017 Sonoma Sun Sonoma County Upcoming Renter Week of Action https://sonomasun.com/2017/09/11/about-renter-week-of-action/ 9/13/2017 KCET / Link TV LA/ CA City Rising, Multiple videos and articles https://www.kcet.org/shows/city-rising/the-story-of-city-rising 9/14/2017 Sonoma Sun Sonoma County Who Cares about Renters Issues? http://sonomasun.com/2017/09/14/who-cares-about-renters-issues/ 9/17/2017 News Channel 5 – Nashville Nashville Coalition Lists Demands For Mayor’s Transit Plan […]

Real News: Renters vs. Slumlords – Activists Nationwide Rally for Renter’s Rights

September 24, 2017 Organizers in Minneapolis say it’s about more than just rents increasing: affordable housing is basically disappearing, and the city’s policies leave the door wide open for predatory landlords Watch the video Eze Jackson: It’s the Real News. I’m Eze Jackson. Renters across the nation are taking part in a week of action […]