#RenterPower2018 Day 4: When We Fight, We Win

#RenterPower2018 Day 4: When We Fight, We Win By Jewel Z. Rodgers VITAL, Lincoln, Nebraska Jewel Z. Rodgers of VITAL, Lincoln Nebraska. Photo by Mike Dennis© I grew up on the backs of black liberal literature and a neighborhood swallowed in 40 years of consecutive poverty that all of a sudden had been allowed to […]

RN2017 Episode 4: Organizing Tenant Unions to Win Homes For All!

Presenters: Inquilinxs Unidxs for Justicia, City Life / Vida Urbana, Tenants Union of Washington State Description: Whether you’re paying too much on rent, facing unjust evictions or being forced to live in poor conditions, organizing a tenants union build power and solidarity to fight for quality, affordable and accessible homes. This training features Tenant Union […]

Boston MOVES IN A FAMILY and Launches a Radio Show from Occupied Home!!!

Get live reportbacks from the Occupied Home at-  http://non-radio.com/ Housing Activists Plan Pirate Radio Broadcast From Occupied Dorchester Duplex This Weekend Originally published in Open Media Boston 6 June 2014 – 9:34pm | RadioView by Dave Goodman (Staff) BOSTON/Dorchester – The vacant two family house on Norwell Street in Dorchester stands as a reminder that […]