The Pledge

Ready to Fight for Homes For All?

Take the HFA Pledge!

Homes For All is a made up of organizations and individuals committed to build a transformative movement to win housing as a human right for all people.

If you have unity with our core values & goals we invite you to join Homes For All by signing onto the Homes For All pledge as a partner organization or as a supporter.

I/we pledge to uphold the Homes For All Core Values:

Our core Homes For All Values define us and bring us together. They guide our strategy, actions and vision. By signing the pledge you join us in collectively moving forward these values and holding each other accountable to these values:

  • „Community and Housing are a Human Right: Our homes, our communities and the land upon which we live are not a commodity to be exploited for profit, they are precious resources that should be used to meet people’s needs.
  • Land and housing should be collectively-owned and controlled by communities: We reject corporate and Wall Street ownership of land and promote alternative models that increase democratic participation and control over land & housing in our communities.
  • Land and housing should be developed in a way that is sustainable for the planet.
  • Land and Housing should be accessible, permanent, quality, and connected to economic, social and cultural networks and institutions.  No person, regardless of race, gender, class, sexual orientation, age, ability, citizenship or previous criminal or housing record should be denied a home nor forced to live apart of the networks and institutions our communities rely on to survive and thrive.

I pledge to advance the goals of Homes For All and fight to:

1) Win millions of affordable, community-controlled homes for low-income and communities of color: Homes For All aims to construct and advance transitional and transformative solutions to the housing crisis to defend and fight for truly affordable housing and remove land & housing from speculative markets that put profit before people.

2) Win Renters Rights to Defend the Right To Remain in Our Cities: Throughout the country, win and strengthen renters’ rights through organizing mass numbers of renters into tenants unions and mass-resident association to win collective-negotiations with Landlords and push for the passing of local, city and state-wide renters rights legislation to defend against displacement and gentrification.

3) Win Development Without Displacement: Homes For All stands for equitable development of our cities that ensures that the people who live, work and exist in cities and towns can thrive and reap the benefits of future development.  

4) Organize & Build a Mass Housing Justice Movement led by renters from Low-Income communities & Communities of Color  [Check out our Block-By-Block Renter Nation Assembly Toolkit to learn how you can organize for Homes For All in your city]

5) Shift the popular consciousness around land and housing and build interest and support for transformative solutions to the housing crisis.  

We sign onto this pledge and join the Homes For All Campaign.  We (I) commit to participate at the following level:

HFA Partner (Organizations, Tenant Unions, Base-building organizations) We pledge to:

  • Uphold the core values of Homes For All
  • Join and participate in at least 1 of 3 HFA trans-local committees [See below for more info]
    • Renters Rights
    • Our Homes/Our Land
    • Development without Displacement 
  • Participate in Homes For All Strategy Assembly’s and quarterly Online Partner Assembly’s
  • Build the leadership of residents directly impacted by the national housing crisis

HFA Supporter (Individuals or Organizations). We pledge to:

  • Uphold the core values of Homes For All 
  • Take action in local community actions and/or online opportunities to advance the goals of HFA! 
  • Become a sustaining supporter of HFA with a monthly contribution! 
  • I’d like to join a HFA Committee as an ally
    • Research Committee
    • Legal Committee
    • Communications Committee
    • Renters Rights Committee
    • Our Homes Our Land Committee
    • Development Without Displacement



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