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Communities Over Commodities: People-Driven Alternatives to an Unjust Housing System

Communities Over Commodities details how the current model of housing production in the United States is a failed model that cannot be tinkered with on the margins to address the deep inequalities US communities face, particularly low-income and communities of color. Alternatively, the report contends that cities and towns across the nation must invest in and adopt new models of permanent affordable and democratic (PAD) development that meet what they outline as ‘Just Housing Principles’: 1) Community Control 2) Affordability 3) Inclusivity 4) Permanence and 5) Health and Sustainability.

To illustrate the possibilities, the report examines four scalable ‘people-driven alternative’ models of housing that meet these principles across the country and world: community land trusts, mutual housing cooperatives, tenement syndicates and limited equity cooperatives.

Finally, the report outlines municipal, state and federal policy recommendations toward the expansion of permanent, affordable and democratic development.

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