HFA Community Land Trust Decision Guide

Homes For All Community Land Trust Toolkit & Decision Guide

Created by Homes For All in partnership with Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative and Burlington Associates

The HFA CLT Toolkit and Decision guide was developed as a resource to support and provide resources to communities and organizations who are building or interested in building community land trusts as a vehicle to winning community control of land & resources.

There are already many materials about CLTs.  Some of the best can be found on the website administered by the National CLT Network (www.cltnetwork.org) or on the website of Burlington Associates in Community Development (www.burlingtronassociates.com).  There is also a website named Roots & Branches (www.cltroots.org) devoted entirely to tracing the CLT’s history from its origins in the Southern Civil Rights Movement to its spread to cities, suburbs, and towns across the USA and to other countries as well.

Our purpose in creating this Decision Guide was not to replace these other materials, but to make them more accessible for organizers and activists at the grassroots who wanted a simple set of practical, step-by-step instructions for how to begin thinking about a CLT.

There was also a feeling among RTC & HFA members that most published materials about CLTs pay too little attention to building collective power among working class people and within communities of color as a basis for creating a CLT and put too little emphasis on including those constituencies in the entire process of planning and forming a CLT.  By contrast, these political aspects of CLT formation are placed front and center in this Decision Guide.

The decision guide has been developed along 3 steps that provide key issue areas to consider, critical questions and links to resources to support your CLT development.

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