Para Español, siga este enlace. For Spanish, follow this link. Following a historic #RenterPower2018 national assembly, renters and organizers from Boston, Oregon, Washington and New York states brought the momentum home for powerful local, state and regional assemblies during the weekend of October 19th – 22nd. The Tenants Union of Washington State and the Community […]

Boston Takes on Millenium Partners

RTC Boston, Chinese Progressive Association and the Boston Jobs Coalition have been at the forefront of protesting a major developer, Millenium Partners, for underpaying $15 million in affordable housing fees while building three luxury towers near Chinatown and for failing to meet local hiring goals. Hundreds have marched in local demonstrations, as RTC Boston is […]

Breaking the Tale of 2 Cities in East Los Angeles

Originally posted in KCET.ORG My vision for the Next L.A. is one where we have broken the tale of two cities and have forged one city for all Angelenos. This may sound utopian; however it is an achievable vision when city policies and funding allocations prioritize the neighborhoods and residents with the most need. At […]

The Rights of Cities

Click here for full article in the REBEL METROPOLIS What is the Right to the City movement?  Where did it come from?  Where is it going?  Who are the actors and organizers sculpting this new social structure?  In asking these questions and studying their answers, it’s impossible to not recognize one’s own role in this […]

Housing Activists Convince Obama to Dump Demarco

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/peter-dreier/obama-demarco-housing_b_3198037.html Originally posted in the Huffington Post On Wednesday, community activists and homeowner groups got some good news from Washington. President Obama announced that he was removing Ed DeMarco, the Bush-appointed acting director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). FHFA regulates Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the bailed-out mortgage financiers that together own or […]

Preservationists and Boyle Heights Activists Fighting Huge Wyvernwood Redevelopment

Originally published in LA Curbed- http://la.curbed.com/tags/wyvernwood At the end of May, the City Planning Commission is set to hold a hearing on the proposed redevelopment of Boyle Heights’s Wyvernwood Garden Apartments; in advance of that meeting, the nonprofit East LA Community Corporation is staging a march tomorrow–May Day–to protest the project. Miami-based owner/developer Fifteen Group […]