Homes For All Tenant Union Trainings

Join Homes For All for our 2018 Renter Nation Webinar Training Series. All year HFA members are leading trainings on tenant union organizing, winning rent control through collective bargaining and ballot initiatives and building alternative models of land & housing for people NOT profit. We’re also gearing up to release groundbreaking new studies, reports and toolkits to support YOU in building #RenterPower in your community to win Homes For All.

Check out all of the upcoming episodes below.

Monthly Tenant Union Organizing Trainings

Are you and your neighbors facing rising rents? Is your landlord threatening you with eviction, deportation or retaliation? Are you and your family forced to live in bad conditions? Now is the time to organize a tenants union to fight back!

Join Homes For All’s Monthly Tenant Union trainings.

Each month we’ll dive into the basics and next steps of organizing tenants unions in your building, your neighborhood and across your city! Each training will have space to take your questions about how to organize with other tenants, and have other renters and organizers on to provide peer feedback and advice!

These trainings are ideal for tenants and/or local organizers who are either just starting to organize or who have been organizing tenants unions and want to get support and training.

Next Trainings:

June 27, 2018 @ 3PM ET / 12PM PT. Register Here

Report & Toolkit Launches



Join the Homes For All Campaign and HFA anchors Tenants Together and Urban Habitat for a national release of their groundbreaking new Rent Control Campaign Toolkit and Strengthening Communities Through Just Cause & Rent Control Report.

Register Here.

Presenters will dispel the real estate led myths about rent control and just cause eviction and show how communities are stronger and thrive when we put in place rent stabilization measures. We’ll provide concrete tools for communities across California, and the country, to organize to win Rent Control for All in their cities.

Homes For All is a trans-local campaign to win affordable, dignified, and sustainable homes for all people, where residents have democratic control over their communities. HFA members have been at the forefront of leading the fight for rent control from California to Oregon, Washington State, Colorado, Minnesota, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York and more.

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