Highlighted Actions

SEPT 17 – 19th 2017

Nashville, TN  Nashville residents are organizing a 3-day walk from will march and ride along the proposed transit development project by the Nashville Transit Authority to demand transit development that benefits everyone. That means protecting against displacement, gentrification and skyrocketing rents, livable jobs for people who live here and accessible transportation. Culmination September 19th with all day march on City Hall.
Location: Along the proposed transit line route

Coalition Lists Demands For Mayor’s Transit Plan http://www.newschannel5.com/news/local-news/coalition-lists-demands-for-mayor-s-transit-plan
Billion-dollar transit plan must benefit all Nashville

SEPT 18, 2017

Santa Rosa, CA (6PM PT) – Renter Rally @ office of major conservative political player who has been lead behind the NO on rent control campaign and anti-immigration policies. Renters who successfully organized and won major tenant lawsuit / demands leading rally – to celebrate victory and build momentum for Rent Control for All ballot initiative.
Location: 25 Old Courthouse Sq, Santa Rosa, California

Who Cares about Renters Issues? http://sonomasun.com/2017/09/14/who-cares-about-renters-issues/
Here’s What U.S. Cities Gain If Housing Is Affordable

Long Beach, CA (4-6PM PT) – “DayLight Robbery Protest” – very visual, renters dressed in all black will stage a ‘daylight robbery’ of a property management company Belmont Brokerage who run 1600 apartments in Long Beach. “Long Beach renters are being robbed in broad daylight” according to Josh Butler, Executive Director of Housing Long Beach, who added, “the lack of action from our leadership is akin to aiding and abetting this crime against our neighbors.”
Location: Belmont Brokerage 647 E. 4th St. Long Beach, CA 90802

L.A.’s Housing Crisis Is Now the Nation’s Housing Crisis http://www.laweekly.com/news/america-is-now-a-renters-nation-8655627

SEPT 19, 2017

Minneapolis (4-8 PM CT)-  Tenants of corporate landlord Equity Residential Holdings/Apartment Shop LLC are planning to travel to the home of CEO Stephen Frenz for a creative direct action that will include massive banners, symbols of the horrid conditions tenants experience in his 1200+ units and direct action.  4 other actions/assemblies planned in Minneapolis/St.Paul this week.
Location: Home of CEO Stephen Frenz f

Santa Ana, CA (4-8PM PT) – March on City Hall to protect renters from unjust evictions and inhumane housing conditions 2.Control Rent 3.Control of land and development by local residents. Local organizers are launching “Remain & Thrive” policy campaign to fight for rent control, just cause eviction protections and community control of land & housing.
Location: 450 W. 4th Street Santa Ana, CA 92701

Housing Activists Kick Off “Renters Week of Action” in Santa Ana www.ocweekly.com/news/santana-rallies-for-renters-rights-8435363
Activists push for more affordable housing, rent control in Santa Ana

Seattle, WA (4PM PT) – Action at Vulcan Real Estate – Degentrify & Inspire is a youth-lead pop-up press conference, rally, and showcase outside of Vulcan headquarters at Chinatown/ID Station. The coalition of over 70 urban arts entities will be delivering five community commitments to Vulcan Real Estate, the Paul Allen owned company set to redevelop significant portions of the historically-redlined Central District along the Yesler-Jackson corridor in upcoming years.
Location: 5th Street and Weller (Chinatown Station)


SEPT 20, 2017

Providence, RI (10AM ET) – Providence #RenterPower demonstration at City Hall – renters plan a street theater action inside city hall to call on local officials to pass strong renter protections, guard against gentrification and guarantee affordable homes for all.
Location: Providence City Hall

Detroit, MI (8:30 – 11:30AM ET) – March on City Hall to fight for increased renter protections in Detroit. Rally outside city hall is planned.
Location: City Hall

SEPT 21, 2017

New York City (4-6PM) – demonstration and direct action at the NYCHA headquarters to demand full funding for HUD and an end to the privatization of public housing. They plan to take over the street in front of the building and hold a people’s assembly to bring attention to the HUD cuts, the destruction of public housing and the need for investment in affordable housing.
Location: 250 Broadway, New York, New York 10007

Newark NJ (6-8PM) –  March on the Newark Housing Authority to call for Full Funding of HUD and an end to the demolition & privatization of public housing in Newark.
Location: 500 Broad St, Newark, New Jersey 07102

Denver, CO (1:30 – 6PM)  – 380+ Immigrant renters and renters of Denver Meadows Home Park plan a series of demonstrations to call on the owner of Denver Meadows to halt the sale of the property and displacement of hundreds of families and instead sell the property to the renters to turn into a community land trust.

SEPT 23 -24 2017

Alameda, CA – Statewide California Renter Assembly. More than 400 renters from across California are converging for a 2-day assembly to plan for continued escalation and strategic interventions to fight for renters rights, rent control and community control of land & housing.
Location: Alameda High School