[VIDEO] Chicago Renters Day Of Action

The September 22, 2016 National Renters’ Day of Action in Chicago was a success that laid a strong basis for expanded actions. It revealed a new battlefront against capital property which profits from the propertyless. “I believe that today is the beginning of an historic moment to create a renter power movement across the nation”, renter and Autonomous Tenants Union representative Antonio Gutierrez told Labor Beat.

Under the watchful eyes of the Picasso statue in Daley Plaza, moving testimonies were offered by a spectrum of renters and displaced homeowners cruelly abused by laws that favor developers and landlords: from homeless retirees to an African-American mother whose young son, standing next to her, suffers now from irreversible lead poisoning due to Chicago’s inadequate home inspection program. Property over people. The organizers of the event proposed a Chicago Healthy Homes Inspection Program and detailed other proposed ordinances.

Published by Labor Beat.

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